Thinking about Teaching‽ : a 12-hour intensive instrumental music teaching course online

Thinking about Teaching‽ is a wonderful opportunity for instrumental music teachers in Ireland to meet, discuss, reflect, revise, and think about their teaching practice. An intensive course that will challenge and support your continuing professional development.

Dates and times

18–20 July (Mon–Wed) €119
Mon 18 July: 8.30–13.00
Tues 19 July: 8.30–13.00
Wed 20 July: 8.30–13.00
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All times shown include breaks. Max. 10 people.

Standard rate: €119 (from Tue 12th July)

Please note that service is excluded from the cooling-off period and is therefore non-refundable. If you need to cancel, as a goodwill gesture MLI will endeavour to refund you only if all places have been filled on the day of the event. PayPal administration fees are included in the cost of the service – any administration fees incurred by MLI will be deducted from the refund amount.

What you get:

  • access to expertise & experience
  • an opportunity to complete a questionnaire in advance so that your needs and experience are taken into consideration
  • insight to feedback from surveys to instrumental teachers and examiners operating in Ireland
  • be part of the change in challenging misconceptions in the music profession
  • reflect on your own teaching practice
  • learn how to manage expectations
  • understand motivation
  • explore various factors that underpin successful teaching
  • a closer look at embedding musicianship into instrumental teaching
  • an opportunity to present case studies
  • troubleshooting problems together
  • effective lesson planning
  • meet teachers from around Ireland
  • on completion, a summary document of specific tasks

Day 1: Teaching: methods & strategies (4 hrs)
In this session, teachers will explore methods & strategies to cater for the multi-faceted nature of teaching, while reflecting on their own teaching practice. Being flexible in your teaching, while maintaining a clear and structured plan will be addressed. This session also includes the importance of the first lesson, challenges in inheriting students, managing parents’ and students’ expectations, as well as motivating students to practice. The role of exams in tuition, how to get the most from them, and whether exams are suitable for your student will be considered. Relevant feedback from instrumental teachers’ survey (2020) carried out by Music Literacy Ireland will also be shared.

Day 2: Musicianship: embedding it into lessons (4 hrs)
Using feedback from teachers and examiners as a starting point, you will gain invaluable insight into contrasting perceptions and expectations regarding musicianship in music teaching in Ireland. Explore the role of musicianship in lessons, revise key areas within musicianship, how these areas progress throughout levels, and when to introduce them. Ways to embed musicianship into every lesson will be the goal of this session.

Day 3: The lesson: putting it into practice (4 hrs)
Equipped with tools from the first two days, this session is about putting everything into practice. A selection of music across different levels and (where relevant to participants, different instruments), will be shared with the aim of working through approaches and plans to ensure the most effective lesson for the student.

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