Dyspraxia Ireland Information Session

Dyspraxia is largely associated with clumsiness, but what lies beneath “clumsy” is so much more. 

Music Literacy Ireland hosts Dyspraxia Ireland to provide you with relevant and accurate information around dyspraxia and ways to support those who have dyspraxia, in particular in context of education.

This information session is suitable for:

  • music teachers in private practice
  • anyone interested in learning more about dyspraxia
  • educators (trainee, primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • parents

The information session aims to:

  • debunk myths about dyspraxia
  • explain what dyspraxia is
  • share lived experiences
  • discuss the benefits of a diagnosis
  • connect you to supports.

When: Thursday 18th November 10am to 12pm (2 hours)

Where: Online

How much? €5

Date: Thursday 18th November
10am to 12pm
Price: €5