ADHD Ireland Information Sessions

ADHD is a term widely circulated, yet significantly misunderstood. Music Literacy Ireland has paired up with ADHD Ireland to provide information to anyone interested in learning about ADHD and to offer support to educators.

The information session aims to:

  • dispel myths about ADHD
  • create awareness about ADHD
  • help you understand the perspective of people with ADHD
  • explain why a diagnosis is beneficial
  • help you to support those with ADHD
  • highlight the strengths of people who have ADHD
  • connect you to supports

This information session is suitable for:

  • anyone working in education
  • music teachers in private practice
  • trainee teachers
  • primary, secondary, and tertiary educators
  • parents
  • anyone interested in learning more about ADHD

To accommodate music teachers who teach in evenings and weekends as well as teachers and parents who work during the day, Music Literacy Ireland will host 2 sessions. Anyone who signs up has the opportunity to send in a question in advance of the talk. There will also be a question & answer session.

When: Tuesday 19th October 10am to 12pm (2 hours)

Wednesday 10th November 7pm to 9pm (2 hours)

Where: Online

How much? €5

Date: Tuesday 19th October
10am to 12pm
Price: €5
Date: Wednesday 10th November
7pm to 9pm
Price: €5