Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development is crucial to upskilling and keeping in touch with new approaches and research in your discipline. Music Literacy Ireland will offer an array of workshops and courses for you to choose from and will tailor them to you and your fellow teachers needs on request.

Are MLI workshops for me?
, if you are interested in:

  • A new approach to theory and musicianship
  • Progressing musically
  • Having teaching support
  • Refreshing your knowledge
  • Avoiding common errors in tuition and exams
  • Meeting like-minded teachers
  • Starting to teach or are new to teaching
  • Quality tuition

Why choose MLI?

  • Experience: experience across music education sectors, from beginners through to third-level, including in-depth knowledge of the most used exam system in Ireland, means understanding where gaps are and what you need to know to succeed. MLI is aware of common errors in tuition and what is required to get the best from your students as well as to pursue music beyond graded exams.
  • Relevance: all content will be designed with the aim of providing you with as much relevant content and practise for the duration of the workshop. Where workshops and courses are tailor-made this will be negotiated directly with you and fellow teachers (such workshops are subject to a minimum number). Content of workshops and courses will be listed in advance so you know if it is suitable to your needs. During covid-19 restrictions, courses will be delivered online.
  • Accessible: MLI believes in bringing quality workshops to committed music teachers who otherwise have little access to resources in their locality.
  • Cert: a certificate of attendance/participation will be provided to you on request.
  • Convenience: MLI travels to a location near you(during this time they will be delivered online).
  • Flexible: where possible, MLI will work around dates and times that suit you as well as content.
  • Savings: save travel time and money otherwise spent on transport or accommodation to attend workshops in cities.
  • Investment: invest in skills and knowledge that help you be your best professionally.