Be part of Research

Music Literacy Ireland is keen to work with music educators around Ireland who are interested in contributing to research. As a teacher and/or school, your identity will be protected, as well as any students involved. Contact MLI to express your interest in being part of research.

Music Literacy Ireland will attend relevant music education conferences to present findings from research, to raise awareness about private music education across Ireland, and to keep informed about best practices. Practices in music education will be officially documented, as well as obstacles, opportunities, and resources to name but a few. Raising awareness of the role of music education practice within the private sector will help educators around the country learn more about their workforce, while highlighting any potential issues that may be addressed.

Survey for post-primary music teachers 27 May 2020:
This survey is for post-primary music teachers, the purpose of which is four-fold:
1) to work towards creating greater connections between 2nd- & 3rd-level music education
2) for research purposes regarding music education in Ireland
3) as a response to queries from post-primary teachers about MLI’s services
4) a neutral platform for teachers to voice their opinions
This survey takes 5–10 minutes to fill out. Your input is anonymous and important in creating discourse on music education in Ireland.