Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for workshops?
Anyone that is interested in developing music literacy, music education, and music appreciation. This includes: self-taught musicians, new and aspiring teachers, experienced private teachers who wish to upskill, and primary and secondary school teachers.

Where can I sign up for a workshop?
MLI will give workshops across the country throughout the year. Find out where we will be through our mailing list, on our website or on social media. You will be able to sign up online, phone, email, or by post. If you would like MLI to come to an area near you just get in contact.

I have taken a workshop with MLI, which one will I take next?
MLI will offer different levels of workshops that will help you progress on your educational journey. Keep up to date by signing up to the MLI mailing list, by following MLI on social media, and by visiting the MLI website.

I want to study music at third-level, can I join your workshop?
MLI is open to anyone interested in music. Separate university workshops are offered for those specifically wishing to pursue music at third-level. However, you are free to choose any workshop that suits you best.

I’m a secondary school teacher, what is the benefit of taking a workshop?
MLI has extensive experience working at third-level, has professional memberships with music and educational societies, liaises with universities on module content, and has experience marking BMus entrance exams. MLI works with secondary school teachers to keep them up to date on music at universities by helping them prepare their students interested in pursuing it at third-level, while offering them continuing professional development in their subject.

How do I pay for a workshop?

  • By post: cheque, postal order, bank draft, made payable to Music Literacy Ireland. Cash is not accepted for security reasons.
  • Online: PayPal

Can I pay on the day?
No, payment must be made in advance of the event. This is to prevent no shows and to cover planned costs to run the event.

Can I turn up on the day without booking?
No, booking must be made in advance in order for appropriate materials to be prepared and available.

How far in advance do I need to book?
Depending on location and type of workshop you may be able to book up to 24 hours before the event subject to availability. However, workshops will only run subject to a minimum number of attendees; where the required number is not met, the workshop may be cancelled. It is advisable to book as early as possible.

I can’t make it to the workshop, can I get a refund?
Refunds are not automatically given. If MLI can fill your seat for the workshop, they will gladly issue you a refund (excluding any administration/transfer fees).

What is the difference between a workshop and tailor-made workshops?

  • A workshop is where MLI designs content on topics which will be listed in advance along with the fee. You decide if it is appropriate for your needs. A minimum of 15 people are required to run the workshop, there is no maximum (unless venue restrictions).
  • A tailor-made workshop comes in two forms:
    1. you fill out a questionnaire and a workshop is designed with your needs in mind; time and cost may vary depending on needs but generally speaking a fee is listed in advance. 15 people are required to run the course with no more than 30 people (depending on venue).
    2. you and a group of people write to MLI with specific requests. For example, you and a group of fellow teachers may wish to work on theory only, or a mixture of theory and aural work. The fee is determined by your location, how much material is required, and how many people are in the group; it is also subject to your providing the venue (which could be your home if suitable). A minimum of 10 people are required to run the workshop with no more than 20 people.

How do I become a partner?
MLI partners with music schools subject to terms and conditions. Visit the Partnership page.

Do you give a certificate of participation?
Yes, where required a certificate of participation will be issued either on the day or within 2 weeks of attending the workshop.

I have a question after the workshop, who do I contact?
MLI is happy to answer any questions in relation to the workshop. MLI will provide you with relevant contact details during the workshop.

Myself and a group of teachers in a locality are interested in covering certain material. Will you design a workshop for our needs?
Yes. MLI is happy to cater (where appropriate) for a group of people who require work on specific material.

How do I give feedback?
MLI will hand out feedback forms at the end of the workshop. If you would like to send in feedback, feel free to do so by email, or phone.

Can I sign up for instrumental music lessons?
MLI is not a music school and does not offer instrumental music lessons.