Vision, Mission Statement, and Core Values


To improve music literacy and to work towards standardisation within the formal music education settings in Ireland, thereby providing a rewarding work environment for music educators and students, while developing at your own pace.

Mission Statement

To support music teachers by working directly with them and offering customised workshops. To be accessible to music educators around Ireland by bringing workshops to them, while striving to be flexible with dates, times, and content. To reach out to educators through social media, mailing lists, conferences, and blog posts. To act as a communication link between formal music education sectors. To offer a consultancy service for music schools.


At the heart of Music Literacy Ireland’s services are seven core values.


Respect is a basic right for customers, partners, and employees of Music Literacy Ireland. Any correspondence or interaction is expected to be carried out in a respectful manner only. Respect requires empathy for one another and a willingness for all parties to be fair in every circumstance.


We want our customers to believe as much as we do in our services. Integrity is therefore central to how we conduct business. This requires always being honest in our information, our interactions, and correspondence, as well as offering advice that is best for you. Integrity enables us to build trustworthy relationships, better services, and remain focussed.


The importance of effective communication is fundamental to meeting expectations. We listen to your requests and ask relevant questions to ensure everyone is on the same page, while paying close attention to your feedback. We acknowledge the various forms of communication so for those who prefer taking up the phone or posting an application, you are not limited to online options.


We are driven by passion to improve music education and for the service we provide. This passion is a constant motivator for MLI to help you be your best professionally and a reminder of why we do what we do.

Curiosity and commitment

We are curious about how the world works and what music’s place is within it. Our curiosity brings us to conferences, ensures we source and appraise new material, it means we conduct research, and requires us to explore new approaches in delivering workshops. Our curiosity also demonstrates our commitment to the service we provide for our customers. We make sure to dedicate the appropriate time to work with you in order to cater best for your needs.

Accessibility and flexibility

We want those who wish to access our services to be able to do so at a time and location that best suits their needs. We also recognise that everyone has different experiences and requirements, which means flexibility in content offered is crucial.


We believe in helping you grow at your pace and to be your best. Part of this process is offering a variety of workshops to help you attain your personal goals. We equally recognise our need to continue to grow and the value of reflecting on and revising our interactions with you. We will assess our engagement with music education in general to ensure we are being our best for you.