Courses for Teachers

Majella Boland has been advising teachers, students, and parents for a number of years on music tuition and has also been instrumental in developing exam syllabuses on a national level, as well as designing modules at third-level. In relation to working with teachers, she has been advising on ways to approach teaching content in a systematic manner, as well as advising on material to be considered in lessons. These courses are ideal for teachers wishing to upskill or to consider new options.

  1. Common theory errors: exam tips for teachers
  2. Bundles
  3. CPD for music teachers: teaching musical content
  4. CPD: Thinking about teaching !?

Common theory errors: exam tips for teachers

Ideal for teachers whose students take theory exams or study theory as part of their music instrumental lessons. Delivered by RIAM theory marker of 8 years, including 4 years proofing RIAM theory papers, and author of the General Theory section in RIAM syllabuses from 2019. Learn what the most common mistakes are throughout grades, why they happen, and how to avoid them. 

CPD for music teachers: teaching musical content

This course focuses on effective ways to teach musical content in a time pressured teaching environment. Its aim is to help you facilitate your students’ studies and engagement with music across sectors, while meeting goals within the lesson. Taking fundamental musical concepts, you will explore how to use them as building blocks for lessons, while considering how the various components of music connect to all areas of music making.

Ideal for instrumental and classroom music teachers. The course will be delivered by music educator and examiner, who draws on over a decade of addressing common challenges for students in music education both in instrumental and theory exams, as well as for students transitioning from 2nd– to 3rd-level. It includes feedback from MLI survey to teachers (instrumental and classroom) and to instrumental examiners.

CPD: Thinking about teaching !?

Explore, develop, and think about your teaching style. Ideal for those new to instrumental teaching, considering a career in teaching, teachers wishing to explore options, discuss common challenges, or those who would like an opportunity to reflect on their own teaching practice.

In this course, common issues that teachers encounter will be addressed, why they happen, and ways to overcome them. You will be encouraged to reflect on your teaching style, approach to teaching, and the importance of tailoring lesson plans.

Delivered by an experienced examiner and teacher with in-depth knowledge across music sectors.

Topics covered will include:

  • The teaching environment
  • The teacher’s role and responsibility
  • Managing expectations (students, parents, teachers)
  • Developing lesson plans
  • Teaching essential musical skills
  • Raising the profile of music as a serious profession
  • Feedback from MLI survey to teachers
  • Insight to common issues encountered in the music education sector