About Music Literacy Ireland

Music Literacy Ireland (MLI) is a mobile music education service provider, responding to a demand for suitable workshops, courses, and supports for music teachers (private, music schools, secondary schools) and aspiring music undergraduates throughout the country. MLI works with educators from various sectors of music education towards improving music literacy and also offers a consultancy service for new and established music schools.

Music literacy is not just being able to read music, it considers all aspects of music-making – listening, performing, composing, discussing music, reflecting on music, music appreciation – to enhance any musical experience. Music literacy enables students, teachers, musicians, and music aficionados to internalise music, while providing teachers with a framework for their lessons and to develop a holistic music education experience.

Music Literacy Ireland’s Story

Over a decade of teaching and assessing music across many sectors of the Irish music education system highlighted the gaps between educational sectors as well as the need for standardisation. Music Literacy Ireland is a response to this.

MLI at the PPMTA Conference 2019
MLI at the PPMTA Conference 2019

Majella Boland noted that students were frequently encountering difficulties when transitioning from different sectors such as private tuition to second-level and from second-level to third-level. On a national level, she was aware of the increasing concerns about music literacy. Mindful that each sector or organisation has a specific objective and cannot always focus solely on systematically developing literacy from the start, this situation seemed like an unnecessary obstacle for those really passionate about music. With a strong background in research, extensive experience in teaching, designing music courses, examining, and arts administration, as well as a passion for sharing knowledge, Majella believes that her diverse experiences brought together in one platform would best serve her vision for music education and teacher support in Ireland. For these reasons MLI was founded, making literacy and teacher support its objective.

About Majella Boland

Dr Majella Boland is an experienced teacher, examiner, and arts administrator, with a strong background in research. To date she has 13 years teaching experience at third-level, has taught the Leaving Certificate music curriculum, and in music schools she has taught group and individual piano as well as theory. She has in-depth experience with music exam systems in Ireland and during her time as Senior Examiner in the RIAM, she introduced many significant supports within the exam system. Majella’s background is rooted in musicology research and music education and through Music Literacy Ireland she brings all her experiences to you in one platform.

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Majella Boland (R) with Rockwell Music Academy director Suzanne Buttimer (L)
Majella Boland (R) with Rockwell Music Academy director Suzanne Buttimer