Musicianship and Management Workshops

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These workshops complement each other and can be taken together or individually.

Option 1: Musicianship Workshop

Musicianship is integral to music making but is something that teachers often find difficult to include in teaching, and indeed something students find difficult to grasp. Yet, musicianship is essentially the nuts and bolts of music making. This workshop will consider ways to integrate it into all aspects of music lessons, as well as address common misconceptions in musicianship. It will offer you options to teach music beyond the graded exam, while supporting all components of the exam.

Is this workshop for me? Yes, if you:

  • want a refresher course
  • are interested in musicianship
  • want to bring something new to your teaching (of any instrument)
  • want to upskill
  • are interested in teaching theory
  • are new to teaching
  • have never considered musicianship before
  • want a new perspective on musicianship
  • are self-taught and want to formalise your knowledge (the ability to read music is required)
  • have just started music at university

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  • solid foundation for theory and analysis
  • framework to develop aural and sight-reading skills
  • an understanding of basic harmony and melody writing
  • grasped the fundamental components of music making
  • handouts to take home with you

Why you should choose Music Literacy Ireland

About the workshop leader

Option 2: Music Teaching Management Workshop

One of the most frequent challenges music teachers encounter is getting students to practice. This is followed closely by misconceptions about music teaching as a profession and what is involved in taking music lessons. If students don’t practice and if the perception of music is that anyone can do it, the chances are you will encounter a number of obstacles throughout the teaching year. Due to the nature of this profession however, teachers may find themselves dealing with issues alone. In this workshop you will meet fellow teachers and have the opportunity to discuss your experiences, while equipping yourself with information for the rest of the year.

This workshop addresses three key aspects essential for teaching:

  • increasing student practice
  • creating awareness of what music tuition involves
  • communicating effectively with parents and students

Is this workshop for me? Yes, if you:

  • own a music school
  • teach music (any instrument)
  • are an experienced teacher wishing to grow your teaching practice
  • encounter difficulties getting students to practise
  • have ever experienced misconceptions about your profession
  • are interested in music education

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • have a new perspective on the role of music tuition in society
  • have support to help your school and staff promote healthy learning
  • have tips for encouraging students to practise
  • know how to practise effectively
  • handouts for guidance after the workshop
  • have shared discussions with fellow teachers
  • information to encourage constructive discussions with customers

Why you should choose Music Literacy Ireland:

  • expertise brought directly to your area
  • opportunity for quality upskilling in your locality
  • opportunity to network with fellow musicians and teachers
  • certificate of participation
  • follow-up correspondence after the workshop and access to expert advice
  • actively supporting music educators in Ireland
  • collaborating with national and international societies in documenting music literacy in Ireland
  • communication link between music education sectors in Ireland
  • working towards standardisation

About the workshop leader, Majella Boland:

  • teaching musicianship (beginners through to 3rd-level)
  • setting and marking BMus entrance exams
  • teaching privately and in music schools
  • of the demands of and expectations from music teachers around Ireland
  • marking RIAM theory papers
  • mentoring 3rd-level tutors and training RIAM examiners
  • designing musicianship and harmony modules
  • RIAM examiner, examining throughout Ireland
  • Knowledge of common errors in theory and musicianship
  • Former RIAM Senior Examiner and Project Manager of RIAM piano albums and syllabus from 2019 (piano, voice, woodwind, bowed strings, accordion)
  • Introduced and created the ‘General Theory’ section of these syllabuses
  • Founded the RIAM Musicianship Clinic

Each workshop in subject to a minimum of 10 people, and runs for a maximum of 3 hrs. The price is €110 (includes tea/coffee and PayPal transaction fee)
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